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Practical Spring and Fall Gloves for Raynaud’s Protection

Product Review: Head Ultrafit Running Gloves

As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

audrey hepburn

Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited product review, I have received no compensation for writing this review nor any compensation for products sold. I am writing this purely to share my experience with a product I have found helpful with my on-going problem with Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Head running gloves for use with smart phone and grips for driving protect fingers from Raynaud's episodes
HEAD Ultrafit Running Gloves

A Fall Fix For Frosties

People who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease sometimes call themselves “Frosties” and, as with a great many people with scleroderma, I too suffer from Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Raynaud’s is more or less a circulatory issue affecting the extremities (fingers, toes, nose, ears, etc.) which is typically triggered by changes in temperature (cold) or stress. For more details please check out a previous post 5 Cold Drink Hacks for Raynaud’s Protection. As you can imagine, with the advent of fall, Frosties across this hemisphere shiver a little more than the average person does when the temperatures begin to drop.

fingers turn red, purple or blue as blood returns after a raynaud's episode
Fingers turn blue, white and then red as blood returns to finger tips

This is not to say that Raynaud’s episodes don’t happen all year long, they do! While I cherish the warm summer months, entering most air conditioned buildings will bring on a flare. But I can say that just a few days into autumn now my Raynaud’s is already acting up. Last autumn I found some gloves that were terrific for fall and spring wear so I would like to share a bit more information about them.

HEAD Ultrafit Running Gloves

I found these HEAD brand Ultrafit running gloves at Costco last year. I liked them so much that I wanted to buy more but when I returned they were already gone for the season. What I love about these gloves is that I can use my smart phone with them on. Many gloves I have purchased in the past said they were touchscreen compatible, but these were the first that actually worked pretty reliably for me! As you can imagine, when you are trying to keep your fingers warm, it is difficult if you have to keep taking your gloves on and off to use your phone. In fact, during a Raynaud’s episode I often find touchscreens do not respond to my colourless, icy-cold fingers anyway!

silicone grips on fingers and palms of these running gloves provide grip for driving and lifting jars
Textured Grips on Fingers and Palms

And They are Grippy!

Another feature that I really appreciate with these gloves is that they have textured grip on the fingers and palms which I find very helpful (and safer) for holding a steering wheel when driving or picking up smooth items in a grocery store.

I was pleased to find that Costco is once again selling these gloves at our local warehouse this season. I noted that the style has changed slightly, but not enough to change my opinion of them. My store only carries the men’s style of the Ultrafit but for me the XS size fit great. I noticed that Amazon carries the women’s jogging gloves but I have not tried them so cannot recommend/review them at this time.

The washing instructions indicate that these gloves should be spot-cleaned. However, I have become a bit of a germaphobe since starting on immune suppressant medication so I do run them through the washing machine on the gentle cycle and hang them to dry. The gloves stood up to weekly washes pretty well, except that the little silicone grips began falling off over time.

Not Necessarily for Winter…

For me, and I should think most Frosties, these gloves were not protective enough for winter; I have yet to find a glove that is warm enough for a Canadian winter, typically I need to go with layers topped with warm mittens. However, I loaned these gloves to my daughter, who also loved them. She wore them throughout the winter last year.

At CDN$16.99 per pair, these gloves are not “cheap” but in my situation I find they are well worth it. They are available in sizes from Extra-Small to Extra-Large, I picked up another pair of XS for myself plus some for my family members as well.

Frosties’ Feedback and Suggestions

Just wondering if any of my fellow Frosties have tried these gloves and what you have thought about them? Because this piece is strictly my personal opinion I would love to gather more information to share with others with Raynaud’s Disease. Please leave your thoughts and and other glove suggestions in the comments below so we can help each other!

3 thoughts on “Practical Spring and Fall Gloves for Raynaud’s Protection”

  1. I have Heat Holders gloves and couldn’t be without them. I would like something a little more practical though as they’re very bulky and hard to do much in while wearing them. Being more compact and tighter fitting/less bulky, plus the grips, makes these look like they could be a lot more versatile and practical.
    Caz xx

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