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Then There was That Time I Got Sick From Optimism…

Time to share the next chapter of my journey with Scleroderma, that time when I actually got sicker with optimism... I believe that being optimistic is a choice, and it can be made stronger when tempered by reality.

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When It’s Hard to Be Happy

At first blush International Day of Happiness, for the unhappy, might seem a trite and weak attempt to impose an imperative of worldwide happiness, but when you do a little research and thinking on the topic, it may be the all-important push it takes for those who wish it to make a change for happiness. Dalai Lama XIV points out that happiness (like optimism) isn't given to you, it comes from your own actions.

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March is Autoimmune Awareness Month

March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, the 14th is World Kidney Day; just not enough months, weeks and days for all of the worthy issues #ADAM19 #autoimmuneawareness #worldkidneyday #ThursdayThoughts #scleroderma

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Layering Gloves to Prevent Raynaud’s Episodes

This year it seems like winter just won't end! For those with Raynaud's Phenomenon, winter can seem even longer. To help prevent Raynaud's episodes when extremely cold this blogger experimented with layering latex gloves under fleece mittens.

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I Will Tell You When to Panic

When you are seriously ill, sometime you have to be the calm one to support your friends and family, Positive affirmations you make to worried friends and family might also help you in your journey to remain calm and hopeful.


Sick With What?

Sick with what? Scleroderma, not just hard to say, it's hard to diagnose and to predict. One blogger's experience.


Optimism vs. Happiness

You can be optimistic even when you feel irritable or unhappy. Optimism isn't the recipe for happiness, but it is an ingredient